taintme crush application

Adapted from some awesome place on the interwebs that i can't locate right now..but i would give props if i could
COPY AND PASTE the following questions into an email-then add your answers


download the pdf version or the text file here
thank you and goodluck~

1. name (what your mother called you, not what you prefer to be called in bed) :


2. age (exact,please):-truth be told- anywhere btwn 26 and 40 seems good..w/ a slight 8-year raise and 5 year lower on either side if you are one-a-my-kind;

3. Sex (don't say "yes please". Elaborate.)


4. height (Don't lie. If you walk in on stilts, we'll know something is off):

7. why do you want to be my crush?


8. what kind of shoes do you wear?


9. what is your one best quality? (even if you only have one good one)


10. prefer to be pursuiant(sp?) or pursued?


11. You would like to have sex:


12. You want to buy me a gift. You consult:
a. my website
b. my ex-boyfriend
c. my mom
d. your mom
e. nobody - the bitch ain't getting a gift
f. nobody - you know what you are getting me, no consult needed.


13. You make me a playlist...describe:


14. When you were growing up, you wanted to be an/a:
a. doctor
b. lawyer
c. porn star
d. my boyfriend

15. play any musical instruments? (other than my nerves)?

16. can you skateboard/snowboard/ski?

17. Complete this sentence: ______ is the hottest woman ever!

18. are you more submissive or dominant? (now you can talk about sex)

19. how would you surprise me ?

20. This is a free bonus question. You get one free point.

SEND TO -creelman at gmail dot com
thank you and goodluck, i hope to be in bed w/ u soon!~